MOre Acting and other interesting things

Well time comes for a new play!!!!!!!!!I got the part of the ghost of Christmas Present in the well known loved story.......A Christmas Carol!!!!

First quarter of my 9th grade year ended along with a long agonizing yet joyful time of cross country.....for our three mile races my best time was i believe a time of 24:10 seconds which was exciting

I recently went to Phantom of the opera from the Dixie high school and enjoyed it. so yea pretty interesting time

I got the part!

I got the part Princess Esmerelda in the laverikin community theater play Rapunzel I'm so excited!! my character is a really and I mean a really bratty princess!!!

school and life

well so far so good. I have got an overall 4.0 so far this year and am excited to be trying out for the laverikin community theater's Rapunzel, I am so nervous.

I also just started drama class and think that it is so much fun! I love it, so yea life is good right now!

ETS program

I just got in a program that is called E.T.S. ( Educational talent search) and It helps me for college and helps me with scholarships and on Thursday November 12th we are going on a college tour to Dixie State College and by the time I am in 10th or 11th grade we will go on a 4 day trip to BYU and its free!

Beauty and the beast

I tried out for the play Beauty and the beast and I got in. I am so excited the preformance is on November 20,21,23 and 24. I think it is like the disney version It is a musical and is at the high school!


last week we went to tuchaun for Annie we had a blast! it was so much fun! then we went to pirate island pizza which was fun. I was excited to see my friend who was in it.

School update!

School has been fun I actually enjoy it. My 2 favorite classes are algebra and choir.
we have been doing P.E. and now my legs are so sore. some other bad things are the halls are packed, lunch is a killer and we only get 1 dance! but other that that I'm alright.